About Us

Aqua Professional Wet Cleaning is a leader in providing professional
wet cleaning services to an array of customers

Our Members

Augustine Chang
Hans Kim
James Roh
Julianna Mo J.D.
Liz Chang
Mark Walsh
Paulo Neves
Peter Jung
Peter Sinsheimer Ph.D.
Shawna Jung
Sung Park

About US

Aqua Professional Wet Cleaning is a leader in providing professional wet cleaning services to an array of customers. As pioneers of wet cleaning, Aqua takes pride in its position as an innovator in the cleaning industry and works with consumers, business owners, fashion designers, and policy makers. We’re guided by a genuine desire to create a healthier planet and more safe, sustainable way of cleaning clothing. We use advanced cleaning technologies and methods developed by our founders to clean all types of clothing. This results in clothing that is deeply cleaned, high quality, and feels like new every time.


Our Beginnings

Our company came from humble beginnings and is the result of our founders, Hans Kim and Peter Sinsheimer’s vision for a better future. Picture this: it’s 1997 and Hans has a successful cleaning business with over 100 employees. Hans is looking for an alternative to dry cleaning with chemicals and is met by Peter, an environmental scientist and Ph.D. with the cleaning alternative Hans was looking for. Together, these pioneers used each other’s expertise and experience to develop their innovative wet cleaning solutions. However, this was no small feat and took the better part of 20 years where a business partnership and great friendship would blossom. Hans and Peter shared a passion for transforming the heavily polluted cleaning industry into a  healthy green one and set off to do just that.

The Process And Policies

When our wet cleaning pioneers met, Peter was Director of the Pollution Prevention Center at Occidental College’s Urban & Environmental Policy Institute. Now he is the head of UCLA’s Sustainable Technology & Policy Program. Peter advocated for policy change at the local, state, and federal level. Thanks to his efforts, Perc, the toxic chemical used by the vast majority of dry cleaners, will be illegal in LA starting in 2020 and throughout California by 2023.

As Peter pushed, and succeeded, in policy change Hans refined their wet cleaning techniques at his family business. Utilizing his own BioChem background, Hans ran a series of tests to determine which combination of biodegradable soaps and other ingredients would yield the safest and most effectively cleaned textiles. He successfully repurposed techniques for washing silk that were used in ancient Korea and Japan and partnered with manufacturers of cutting-edge computer controlled washers, dryers, and tensioning systems.


Today, Aqua Wet Cleaning has become a leader in professional wet cleaning thanks to Hans and Peter. Since our company’s inception, we’ve helped convert over 100 cleaners in Northern and Southern California to Professional wet cleaning. These businesses have grown and seen an increase in their customers. It’s been an adventurous 20 years, and Aqua Professional Wet Cleaning is in its prime and ready to continue innovating.