Advanced Wet Cleaning Technology For Your Best Clothes

At Aqua Professional Wet Cleaning, We’re The Pioneers Of Advanced Wet Cleaning Technology That Treats Your Clothing And Our Planet Better

What is Aqua?

As the pioneers of professional wet cleaning, Aqua provides a better way to clean your “dry clean only” clothing. Our breakthrough green technology uses water and biodegradable soaps instead of a chemical bath to clean your clothing better than dry cleaning. Wet cleaning is safer for you, the environment, and your clothes! With Aqua, your “dry clean only” clothes will look better, last longer, and be cleaner while you wear them in style.


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Perfect cleaning without chemical dependency!

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“Dry Clean Only” is now a thing of the past and your favorite
suit will be in proper shape with our professional wet cleaning.
Not only is wet cleaning safe for fine gabardines, leather,
and silk but it will make your suit and other clothing
look, feel, and smell much better.


We use a combination of biodegradable soaps, water, and
high tech equipment that work together to protect, condition,
and deep-clean your fabrics. Whether your material is adelicate
silk or chiffon, wet cleaning is gentle enough maintain the
quality of any garment. Since there are no harsh chemical
baths in wet cleaning your clothes will look new and last longer.