FTC Considers Creating New ‘Professional Wetclean’ Care Label and Requiring Its Use

In 2013, Dr. Sinsheimer petitions the Federal Trade Commission to create a new ‘Professional Wet Clean’ care label and require its use for all apparel with a professional clean label (i.e. either ‘Dry Clean’ or ‘Dry Clean Only’) for which there is a reasonable basis for a ‘Professional Wet Clean’ instruction.  In 2014, the FTC holds a Roundtable on whether to allow or require the ‘Professional Wetclean’ label.  Dr. Sinsheimer is the first keynote speaker and presents strong evidence supporting the required use of the ‘Professional Wet Clean’ label.  Dr. Sinsheimer receives high praise by the FTC on the quality of evidence presented supporting the require use of the label.  Mr. Kim leads his contingent of Professional Wet Cleaners attending the Roundtable and who present evidence supporting the need to require the ‘Professional Wet Clean’ label.