Rapid Expansion of Deceptive Green Marketing by Dry Clean Solvent Manufacturers and Cleaners 

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Beginning in 2010, manufacturers and distributors of hydrocarbon, GreenEarth, and K4 solvents begin extensively marketing these solvents as “environmentally friendly,” “green,” and “non-toxic.”  In turn, dry cleaners switching to hydrocarbon, GreenEarth, and K4 solvents begin aggressively marketing their services as such. No evidence is provided by dry cleaner manufacturers and distributors nor by dry cleaners about their green marketing claims.  In fact, CARB specifically excludes these dry clean solvents from the list of non-toxic professional apparel cleaning technology.  This systematic green marketing campaign makes it more difficult for Professional Wet Cleaners to successfully market their services as environmentally preferable despite ample evidence supporting their green marketing claims.