US Military Awards Hans Kim Contract to Operate Dedicated Professional Wet Cleaner at 29 Palms Base

Mrs. Park of Natures Best Cleaners
fitting a solder’s uniform
Base entrance

In 2010, Hans Kim receives a six year contract to build and operate a Dedicated Professional Wet Cleaner service on the grounds of the 29 Palms Air Ground Combat Center.  Prior to selection, Dr. Sinsheimer provides background documentation to the Marine Corps on the viability of Professional Wet Cleaning.  The facility services the full range of military personnel, from generals, to newly enlisted privates, to military families living on the base.   Due to the military’s exacting aesthetic uniform requirements, Mr. Kim further optimizes and standardizes Professional Wet Clean operations.  Based on the success of this facility, Mr. Kim is asked to open up additional Professional Wet Cleaner services at other US military bases located in the United States and abroad.