California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phases Out Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning in California

In 2007, Dr. Sinsheimer works with a broad range of stakeholders to support the California Air Resources Board (CARB)  to phase out perchloroethylene and phase in of environmentally preferable alternatives.  In 2006, CARB staff recommends to their Board not to phase out perc dry cleaning because CARB staff believes that perc dry cleaners were likely to switch to hydrocarbon which they consider just as harmful to human health and the environment as perc.  Dr. Sinsheimer recommends phasing out both perc and hydrocarbon given that at least one alternative, Professional Wet Cleaning, is less expensive than both with none of the adverse impacts.  In 2007, CARB Board unanimously rules against CARB staff’s recommendation in favor of phasing out perc dry cleaning, and tasked CARB staff to enhance the promotion of the environmentally preferable alternatives – specifically Professional Wet Cleaning and CO2 Cleaning.