Plaza Cleaners

First Dry Cleaner to Switch to Professional Wet Cleaning in Ventura County

Professional wet cleaning workshop

In 2004, Shawna and Peter Jung, co-owners of Plaza Cleaners, become the first perc dry cleaner in Ventura Country to switch to Professional Wet Cleaning.  Plaza Cleaners is one of the first perc dry cleaners to receive AB998 incentive funds.  Soon after converting to Professional Wet Cleaning, Plaza Cleaners begins hosting Professional Wet Cleaning demonstrations, including a demonstration filmed for the 2014 video on Professional Wet Cleaning.  In 2014, Shawna and Peter Jung attended the Federal Trade Commission Roundtable regarding the Professional Wet Clean Care Label supporting the required use of a “Professional Wetclean” care label. In 2017, Shawna and Peter Jung become founding owners of AQUA WET CLEAN.