PBS California Green Episode on

Professional Wet Cleaning

Dr. Sinsheimer, Hans Kim, Huell
Howser inside a wet clean plant
Huell Howser, Hans Kim, and Dr.
Sinsheimer outside a hydrocarbon plant

In 2004, Huell Howser, the host of the PBS series California Gold and California Green, serves as the master-of-ceremonies for the annual SCAQMD Clean Air Awards.  During the awards ceremony, Dr. Sinsheimer introduces a series of Professional Wet Cleaners selected to receive Clean Air Awards.  Immediately following the ceremony, Mr. Howser contacts Dr. Sinsheimer asking to set up an episode on Professional Wet Cleaning for his California Green series.  The episode is taped in Rancho Cucamonga demonstrating Professional Wet Cleaning at Hans Kim’s Natures Best Cleaners plant as well as at a hydrocarbon dry cleaning facility owned by Mr. Kim’s uncle.  Immediately following the initial airing of this episode, new customer demand surges at Natures Best Cleaners.