California Enacts Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning Incentive Program (AB998)

Following the SCAQMD 2002 perc dry clean phase out, California enacts a new law (AB998) imposing a fee for perchloroethylene used in dry cleaning, thereby creating a $10,000 incentive to perc dry cleaners that switch to non-toxic alternatives and by funding a demonstration program to showcase non-toxic apparel cleaning technologies.  Water-based Professional Wet Cleaning and CO2  cleaning qualify as non-toxic by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  A number of technologies are rejected  by CARB from non-toxic status including hydrocarbon, siloxane-based Green Earth ™, K4, and n-propyl bromide.   Dr. Sinsheimer is selected by CARB to direct the statewide AB998 demonstration program.