Rancho C Cleaners

First Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaner to Convert to Professional Wet Cleaning.  Hans Kim: First Dedicated Professional Wet Clean Distributor


Mr. Hans Kim in front of equipment
Cleaner workshop hosted by Mr. Kim

In 1998 Dr. Sinsheimer receives funding from SCAQMD to develop an incentive/demonstration program focused on converting the first eight perc dry cleaners to Professional Wet Cleaning.  To launch this program, Dr. Sinsheimer publishes a series of articles in Western Cleaner & Launderer on Professional Wet Cleaning.  Mr. Chong Kim, owner of Rancho C Cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga, passes these articles onto his son Hans Kim, a trained bio-chemist, to evaluate them. Mr. Hans Kim contacts Dr. Sinsheimer and together they visit each cleaner in Southern California who had installed wet cleaning equipment and meet with a number of wet cleaning manufacturers and distributors.  In the of Fall 1998, the Kims convert to Professional Wet Cleaning and Mr. Hans Kim becomes the first distributor focused on Dedicated Professional Wet Cleaning.