Cypress Plaza Cleaners

First Dry Cleaner to Switch to Professional Wet Cleaning

Joe Wang, Owner, at the Grand Opening
Professional wet cleaning workshop by Cypress Plaza Cleaners

In 1997, based on the success of the initial professional wet clean demonstration in Southern California, Dr. Sinsheimer applies for and receives funding from the USEPA  to work in collaboration with the Korean Youth & Community Center to develop the first Korean-owned Dedicated Professional Wet Cleaner.  In 1989, Mr. Joe Wang, owner of Cypress Plaza Cleaners, switches from perchloroethylene to chlorofluorocarbon (CFC-13) dry cleaning because of its low toxicity.  Beginning in 1990 the USEPA began phasing out CFCs due to their ozone-depleting potential.  In 1997 Mr. Wang attends a wet clean workshop at Cleaner by Nature, converts the following year, and begins holding workshops to fellow dry cleaners.