Cleaner by Nature

First Dedicated Professional Wet Cleaner in California

Owner, Deborah Davis

In 1995-96, USEPA, SCAQMD, and CARB provides funding to UCLA to evaluate the viability of Professional Wet Cleaning as an environmentally-preferable substitute to traditional hazardous dry cleaning.  UCLA selects Cleaner by Nature to serve as the demonstration site.  Deborah Davis, a former Costco Marketing Eexecutive, who had been looking to start a green business, selected professional garment cleaning as the sector, Professional Wet Cleaning as the green technology, and Cleaner by Nature as the name to market the business as environmentally preferable.  Prior to Cleaner by Nature, no California cleaner had marketed their services as green.

Dr. Peter Sinsheimer, co-founder of AQUA WET CLEAN, serves as the Senior Research Associate on this project.